Hunter Bishop BCHLer, Vernon Vipers say goodbyes after 5-2 loss

Hunter Bishop BCHLer, Vernon Vipers say goodbyes after 5-2 loss

Vipers say goodbyes after 5-2 loss

Saturday, April 12, 2008, 05:48 PM

Vipers say goodbyes after 5-2 loss
By Kevin Mitchell - Vernon Morning Star - March 21, 2008

PENTICTON – Hunter Bishop will spend the next two weeks in a dentist chair. The carnage: four-and-a-half teeth. The price: $5,000.

Painful, but it hardly compares to the hurt the Alaskan Assassin was feeling after the Vernon Vipers lost 5-2 to the Vees in game seven of the B.C. Hockey League Interior Conference semifinal series Tuesday night before 2,105 fans at Memorial Arena.

"It's funny how quick Junior hockey goes," said Bishop, who racked up 93 goals in 177 games over two-and-a-half seasons with Vernon. "This is my fifth year. It goes by pretty quick. It doesn't even seem like it's real. It's over. I know there's good things to come, but it stings a lot. There are a lot of good guys in the room that I'll miss, and a great coaching staff. I've been here three years, I love it. I'd stay here if I could. Time to move on, I guess."

Bishop, who will play alongside Vees' Zac Dalpe, Cory Schneider and Devon Krogh with the Ohio State Buckeyes next year, had a stellar final game, drawing an assist on Kellen Jones' team-high seventh playoff goal, with four minutes remaining. Bishop was earlier stoned by Vees' all-star goalie Alex Evin on a high wrister in the deep slot.

"I think both teams battled hard and it could have gone either way," said Bishop, 20. "Penticton stuck to their game and came out on top. It was a pretty even match, but they got a few more bounces than us. Good luck to 'em. It's too bad it has to end here."

Bishop, who lost one tooth in game action and the rest in separate practice mishaps, including one where Kellen and him collided, was in no hurry to take his equipment off in a dressing room full of distraught players, taking turns comforting one another.

Veteran centre Travis Brisebois, who supplied 60 goals, won hundreds of face-offs and killed numerous penalties in 166 regular-season games in Vernon, perhaps delivered the best eulogy for the fourth-place Vipers.

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