Wholesale FAQ

     Frequently Asked Wholesale Questions:

  • Shipping Charges? We ship via USPS.  We Express Mail, or FED-X by special request and for additional charges. **Items that are out of stock can take one-six weeks for shipment.  We will notify you on ship date.  FFGI shall not be responsible for contingencies beyond its control that may prevent shipment at the time or times provided and agreed upon between the parties.
  • BackOrders? Shipping Charges will be charged for any original orders under $250.00.
  • How do I pay? Orders are shipped prepaid, although a Credit Application is available on request. All checks sent with orders must clear our bank before shipment.  We also accept Visa and Mastercard.  All returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 per check fee.
  • What is FFGI Guarantee? We guarantee our product for quality and will make repairs of jewelry at no cost, provided that we determine the flaw(s)  have resulted from FFGI’s production.  We also repair our jewelry damaged through customer’s negligence or other cause, for a reasonable fee.  FFGI will determine the length of time necessary for the completion of repairs, in its sole discretion.


  • Is Credit Available? Credit Applications are available.  The following terms must be agreed to for credit to be able to be given to a customer. 
    1. Applicant/Guarantor (Buyer) authorizes Fishing For Gold Inc. (Seller) to obtain credit and financial information concerning the applicant any time and, from any source. Buyer will sign a document that operates as a release authorizing a full disclosure of said information to Fishing for Gold Inc.
    2. A carrying charge of 2.5% may be assessed on all balances not paid within one calendar month of the due date.
    3. Merchandise is sold on a non-returnable basis. We do not guarantee sales. NO CASH REFUNDS.