Yurarta #332  Gold Nugget & Opalized Wood

Yurarta #332 Gold Nugget & Opalized Wood


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Yurartas means "Dancers in the Yupik Language" and these are my dancers in Alaska.  I wanted to do a series that highlighted the most beautiful natural alaskan gold nuggets!  I put aside nuggets that came across my path for years till one day my husband insisted I design something with them.  These kinetic pieces are usually done in 18kty gold, diamonds, gemstones- many that are cut by famous designers.  My hope is that they depict an era of alaskan history 1980's thru the early 2000's.  One day I will retire and these will be my legacy.  There are about 20 (out of somewhere near or over 1000)  of these owned in the state of Alaska.  Most have been sold to customers visiting here but living all over the world.  May you enjoy a part of my life that was a tremendous joy for us.  Creating beautiful one of a kind pieces for the world to enjoy.  Thank you  Rita & Bill Bishop